Complete Security Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

A ) Procurement of Manpower

We have fully functional organization for the procurement of man power from all over India. We have appointed our Area Officers in the selected districts of J&K, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Gujarat and Rajasthan.

Our Area Officers re-employ Ex-servicemen through Zilla Sainik Welfare Boards/State Ex Servicemen Association and Civilians are taken through Employment Exchanges/Advertisements in News Papers, only after confirming their antecedents. We have kept Ex Army staff to train civilian boys in security, fire fighting and first aid duties.

B) Training

Our penchant for customized solutions has manifested our exclusive wing dedicated to training and skill up gradation.


DURATION                          :               4 Weeks

PARTICIPATION                  :               Young Civilian

QUALIFICATION                 :               Minimum  8th STD

PHYSICAL STANDARDS     :              Height – not less than 5.6”

                                                             Chest – 34”                        

                                                              Weight – 52kg

                                                              Medically  – Fit

CHARACTER                       :               Verified by the Sarpanch / CSS Recruiting team

                                                               First 2 Weeks : Drill Without Arms, PT,

TRAINING                            :               Obstacle Training and Route Marches.

Theory : Security Routine at entry and Exit points of Installation, Day and Night Patrolling, Basic introduction of Indian Penal code, Labour Laws, Fire fighting and first aid.

Remaining 2 weeks : On job training of above said Syllabus at our various Installations.

C) Feedback Mechanism

Complete Security Solutions Pvt. Ltd. believes in endless learning and for us, our clients are our best teachers. Therefor, clients’ feedbacks are the guiding principles for our training. We have a dedicated team which collects feedbacks from every client and ensures that suitable enhancements are made in our training modules.


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