Recruitment and Training

At ” Complete Security Solutions Pvt.Ltd ‘ a comprehensive selection process is undergone before any guard or officer is posted at a location. A mandatory ten day training schedule is to be followed and completed by each and every personnel of the organization. Before the posting of personnel at a location a brief induction is given to him regarding the principal and his respective duties.

At ”‘ Complete Security Solutions Pvt.Ltd ‘ we have a separate division of supervision and inspection wherein specialized and experienced supervisors and inspectors are employed. Also we have a specialized division which caters to our Client Servicing Issues which is headed and controlled directly by the Directors.

We would like to enforce our total dedication towards quality and customer satisfaction as Security is a serious and personalized activity.

We hereby request you to give us suitable time for further and personal discussion with you.

We thank and assure you of our best services and attention at all times.


For,  Complete Security Solutions Pvt Ltd.

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